While Grademiners.com Is Mining Grades for You, We Are Evaluating Their Work

Grademiners.com is a brand known by many students around the world. They offer various kinds of help and promise not to overcharge you for it. Is it true or is it another empty promise? Let’s see.


  1. Ordering procedure. The process of having your paper written is shown right on the home page. You are to fill in an online form, pay for your order and get your paper before the deadline. In the middle, you can track your order and contact your writer for any kind of consults or guidance. The tools for order tracking and monitoring your writer’s work are quite convenient. However, the ‘before deadline’ part was not quite clear for us. We did receive the papers we ordered on time, but it was not BEFORE the deadline specified. Might be it works for shorter assignments.
  1. Confidentiality protection. Obviously, Grademiners.com understands the importance of confidentiality. That’s why you will see what they have to offer in this regard once you open the website. Moreover, a dedicated provision is included in the Terms and Conditions available on the website as well. To be more specific, they apply different protection measures to keep your personal information safe and guarantee its non-disclosure.
  1. Support. Only at Grademiners.com, you can not only TALK to support operators but also SEE them in the process. There are only 10 of them, though, and sometimes it is not enough to service all customers simultaneously. Still, the support operators were very friendly and helpful, which is no doubt important and quite rare. To avoid waiting on the line, you can use the e-mail or an online chat.
  1. Grademiners.com is one of the few companies that have a special anti-fraud policy. Go to the dedicated page to learn the details. We only feel obliged to point out that they offer refunds. When was the last time you saw refunds available? This guarantee is quite rare and protects your customer’s rights well.
  1. Variety of services. We were impressed to find out that there are more than 50 subject areas available at Grademiners.com, and that they offer admission services as well. As a rule, if a company is confident enough to deliver admission papers, it means that it has really good writers as the task is very responsible.

The only drawback we found was limited information available on the website. Where are the samples? Prices? Articles about academic writing? Although simplicity makes it easier to use, we believe that the writing company’s website has to be much more versatile. Scroll down if you want to read some feedback from other customers or go up to get an instant price quote.

In the end, we came to the conclusion that Grademiners.com can be recommended as a reliable writing service. Despite some minor drawbacks, it obviously makes huge efforts to service its customers at the highest level. When using its help you can forget your financial fears (as you can get your money back) and just relax. Your paper will be taken care of.

Even if your topic is difficult or your subject is quite rare, it won’t pose a problem for Grademiners.com writers. Most likely, the service puts an emphasis on finding a writer for every task, and that’s why they have a very large freelance base. Whenever you come to order, they can offer you several writers to choose from (They don’t actually ask you to make a choice and thus save you some trouble).

We give our blessing to Grademiners.com and strongly recommend it to our readers.