What Is MacKeeper in 2016?

Over the last years, MacKeeper has been a rather controversial software product, with lots of disputes around it. However, despite the fact that MacKeeper got a lot of black PR and was even accused of being a virus, it still stays afloat, because actually it is not a virus and can give its users a lot.


Some Facts Regarding MacKeeper

  • MacKeeper is a multifunctional program that was developed in 2009 according to wikipedia.
  • MacKeeper can be purchased directly at its website mackeeper.com.
  • There are different pricing plans, specifically Standard, Business, and Premium.
  • MacKeeper antivirus is at the top of best antiviruses list according to VB100 and AV Comparatives ratings.
  • MacKeeper is one of the sponsors at MacWorld Expo.
  • MacKeeper was mentioned in Mac OS X Lion Portable Genius book by Dwight Spivey.


MacKeeper Features

Fast Cleanup: If you want your Mac to be cleaned quickly and easily, you can do it by using the Fast Cleanup toolset. You can also customize this feature to your needs, meaning that you can clean out only specific types of junk, such as cache or log files.

Other Cleaning Tools: Duplicates Finder that can help you find and remove useless files copies, Disk Usage that will help you detect and delete large files that you no longer need, Smart Uninstaller that will completely remove apps that you no longer need, and Memory Cleaner that will help you free up the cluttered RAM.

Internet Security: The Internet is full of various threats, but many Mac users believe that they do not need any security tools because the Mac OS X is self-sufficient regarding the online threats and can defend itself. However, even the strongest systems are vulnerable, so some added security will not hurt.

Anti-Theft: If you suddenly discover that your Mac is missing, do not be scared if you have MacKeeper. It will track down the thief, prevent their access to your computer, and even make a thief snapshot. By the way, their anti-theft service works 24/7, meaning that you can start searching for your Mac right after you find out that it is missing.

Data Control tools: With this toolset you can encrypt files on your Mac, shred your personal files leaving no trace, back up important data, or recover lost files.


Outstanding Tech Support

In addition to standard customer support that can be accessed by phone, email, or built-in online chat, MacKeeper offers the so-called Human Assistance features. This is something like a real human Apple certified expert that is “built into” the application. How it works? You scan your Mac for different problems and then send the results of this scan to be reviewed by the expert who then offers you valuable solutions of these problems in the form of live chat.


It is your choice whether to consider MacKeeper scam or not, and whether to install it or not. Some people do not need so many maintenance programs, but others find them to be a must-have and that is why they choose MacKeeper, as it offers to manage different tasks on a Mac from just one program. Further discussions of MacKeeper can be found here.