Study Guide: Writing Essay Introduction

First, you have to figure out what is the main question of your essay. Your introduction is going to be the first step towards answering it. Your thesis statement is going to serve as your main argument, so pay special attention to it.

You should start your introduction with background information on the topic. Demonstrate the big picture, give some explanations of key terms and end it with a strong thesis statement. Remember that even a so-called “big picture” should be relevant and avoid broad sentences like “Human beings are capable of writing poetry.” This one will be too broad.

How to write a essay introduction?

Here are some points to consider if you want to write an effective introduction for your essay:

  • Demonstrate that you understand the question and know how to answer it;
  • Demonstrate that you are aware of the details and related problems and their implications;
  • Demonstrate that you have a plan and know how to structure your entire paper;
  • Demonstrate that you have made a research;
  • Be relevant;
  • Make it short and clear.

You need your audience (your professor, of course) to say, “Well, this student understands the question, and I am going to read on.”

Try to make it personal, introduction essay should demonstrate the depth of your individual understanding. Avoid such sentences as “This paper is going to prove that different operating systems have advantages and disadvantages.” A good thesis will show what exactly you are going to say without these direct statements.

In your introduction, you should show how you are going to defend your thesis. You can simply outline the most important points, but don’t go into detail. Briefly describe the further structure of your paper and make the reader know what to expect in the entire work.

A model introduction

Essay question: How can we use information technology in the classroom?

Electronic devices such as computers, laptops and smartphones are changing the way of collecting information and becoming more and more essential in our everyday life. Therefore, these technologies also have an influence on the education. Figuring out the way they can be used in a classroom for a more effective learning could be crucial for developing the entire process. The best utilization of technologies could be reached by integrating them into all levels of the curriculum so that teachers and students could use them to improve the learning.