Education in Italy: advantages, perspective and possibilities


Italy is one the most desired countries for studying. The average tuition fee for a semester in Italy’s public universities for foreign students is around € 1,000 per year. In fact, education in Italy is free, and this price includes the various commissions and taxes, but taking into the account level of Italian universities and tuition fees in other countries, this price is simply miserable. In private universities the price for the course may be slightly higher, but it is barely higher than the average tuition fees at private colleges, dissertation writing services are quite popular in those universities.

In contrast to the French education system, Italian assumes greater mobility of professors and teachers. Many large universities offer grants for foreign teachers (Visiting Professorships), which allow professors from around the world to teach without any problems. It is noteworthy in the sense that in order to maintain teaching activities in Germany or France, you must have the status of doctor habilitatus, which is pretty hard to get for a long time.are quite popular in those universities.

Many Italian universities are clusters of foreign students. Bologna is the second most popular city for exchanges in the framework of ERASMUS. The majority of students are citizens of EU, there are also a lot of the citizens of English-speaking countries (notably the UK and the US). Among Asian students Italy, compared with France, the US and the UK, is not a particularly popular destination.

With the diploma of Italian University employment opportunities are expanded multiple times and as the result a student can work in Italy.

You can simultaneously work and receive a higher education in Italy. Under the law, each student, including a citizen of a foreign student, has the right to combine work and studying process. About 20 hours a week are dedicated to work.

Thanks to the successful combination of innovative pedagogical methods and impressive scientific basis, as well as individual approach to each student you get high quality of practical knowledge. This is one of the main reasons for which the graduates of universities and schools want to study in this wonderful country.

In the educational institutions of the country there are a lot of students from different countries of the world. Therefore, foreigners do not feel uncomfortable there. Locals are very friendly to foreigners.

About the author: Peter Freeman is a freelance writer. He keens on sports, design and literature. Peter likes reading popular books and playing basketball.