– Are They Ready to Offer What You Want to Get?

For revising, we used several specialists, who tried ordering papers, talking to support operators, requesting revisions and in general did everything to see how good the service was. Here is what we have found out.

  1. Quality. Papers delivered by are quite fine with some of them being even great. If you are looking for someone to write you a mediocre paper for peanuts, however, this is hardly a place for that. Writers of emphasize that they’re working to achieve best results and charge correspondingly.
  1. Speed of fulfillment. There are many time frames available for customers of It’s from three hours up to several weeks. Oh, and deadlines are almost never missed. We were curious about what ‘almost’ meant. Support operators were kind to explain that 97% of orders arrive on time. The rest stands for unexpected circumstances, and still they’re making all possible efforts to deliver on time. We were also assured that those rare customers who get their papers late are, as a rule, compensated in some or another way.
  1. Support department. Like many other custom writing services, has 24/7 support. The trick is whether they have enough operators to service plenty of callers at the same time. We used several our specialists to talk on the phone, and only one of them had to wait for about a minute before an operator got available.
  1. Convenience of ordering. The company has a standard ordering procedure, although somewhat more sophisticated as it has a wider than usual choice of payment options. You will be relieved to find out that ordering does not require calling and waiting. No, only completing and submitting the ordering from. You can, however, stay in touch with an operator while providing the information in case something is not clear for you. When you see the form for the first time, you might feel confused with multiple points it has. Don’t be. There are no things you will find unimportant. Everything concerns only the paper you want to get.
  1. Friendliness of staff. While there is an obvious layer (support operators), there is also a hidden one (writers’ eagerness to cooperate). We tested both and were not disappointed. Writers of have a strict policy as regards following their customers’ advice. Be careful, however, not to go over the line and leave your writer some room for showing his talents as well.

What we concluded based on our evaluation offers a quite solid package of services. They do not sell bargains, but also work to keep the quality level high. Convenience of the ordering procedure and friendliness of writers help customers feel wanted and appreciated (we did, at least!)

There are various types of papers available for you – essays, research papers, dissertations and other word and non-word assignments – as well as different urgency levels.

Loyal clients choose for their decent quality (mostly) and reasonable prices. Besides, the service offers various discounts and other nice benefits for those who stay long enough with them. Yet it does not mean that if you are a newcomer, you won’t qualify for a rebate. All first timers get discounts to make the offer even more attractive.

We strongly recommend the service for British students who need quality papers and are not limited by tight budgets. You will not regret ordering your paper here or paying as much at is costs –  guaranteed.