TASIS UK The school is located in the picturesque suburb of London – Thorpe town – only 17 km from Heathrow Airport. A few kilometers from the school is Windsor – country residence of the royal family. There are trained children from more than 40 countries. Most of them – are the representatives of the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada (65%).

International Baccalaureate (IB)

  • Course duration – 2 years
  • It has wide acceptance among universities around the world
  • High-quality international training
  • IB Diploma – the undoubted advantage to enroll in an American university
  • Study 6 academic subjects (three at standard level three – at the depth)

The study subjects at advanced level – Advanced Placement (AP)

Subjects are studied at the level of the first university course in accordance with the program approved by the American College Board. On average, 90% of graduates TASIS UK successfully pass exams in AP courses, while the same figure in US private schools is 70%.

Examination papers are assessed by an independent commission in the United States. Evaluation AP exam scores of 3 or higher can also give an extra plus for admission to US universities.

AP Examination results are widely recognized throughout the world, and the UK universities consider them equivalent to A-Level exams.

Preparation for admission to US universities

Study all the subjects requires for admission to an American college or university. Academic subjects: English, mathematics, science, foreign language. High requirements for students in the study subjects are a guarantee of the successful receipt and learning in higher education.


  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Rugby
  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Fitness
  • Horseback riding

Creativity and leisure

  • Dancing
  • Cinema
  • Yoga
  • Chess Club
  • Photoart
  • debating society
  • Creative circle
  • Excursions

On weekends, organized excursions to London and other historic towns, including Oxford and Cambridge.

In October, they organize a week-long tour in one of the countries to choose from: Spain, France, Russia, Greece, Romania, Italy, Germany (part of the tuition fee).

In February, the students have the opportunity to spend a week at a ski resort in Switzerland or to make a study tour of US colleges and universities with research papers for sale (extra charge).

TASIS UK school is located in the picturesque suburb of London – Thorpe town – only 17 km from Heathrow Airport. A few kilometers from the school is Windsor – country residence of the royal family.

About the Author: Karl Mreton is a student. He is from the USA.

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Education in Italy: advantages, perspective and possibilities


Italy is one the most desired countries for studying. The average tuition fee for a semester in Italy’s public universities for foreign students is around € 1,000 per year. In fact, education in Italy is free, and this price includes the various commissions and taxes, but taking into the account level of Italian universities and tuition fees in other countries, this price is simply miserable. In private universities the price for the course may be slightly higher, but it is barely higher than the average tuition fees at private colleges, dissertation writing services are quite popular in those universities.

In contrast to the French education system, Italian assumes greater mobility of professors and teachers. Many large universities offer grants for foreign teachers (Visiting Professorships), which allow professors from around the world to teach without any problems. It is noteworthy in the sense that in order to maintain teaching activities in Germany or France, you must have the status of doctor habilitatus, which is pretty hard to get for a long time.are quite popular in those universities.

Many Italian universities are clusters of foreign students. Bologna is the second most popular city for exchanges in the framework of ERASMUS. The majority of students are citizens of EU, there are also a lot of the citizens of English-speaking countries (notably the UK and the US). Among Asian students Italy, compared with France, the US and the UK, is not a particularly popular destination.

With the diploma of Italian University employment opportunities are expanded multiple times and as the result a student can work in Italy.

You can simultaneously work and receive a higher education in Italy. Under the law, each student, including a citizen of a foreign student, has the right to combine work and studying process. About 20 hours a week are dedicated to work.

Thanks to the successful combination of innovative pedagogical methods and impressive scientific basis, as well as individual approach to each student you get high quality of practical knowledge. This is one of the main reasons for which the graduates of universities and schools want to study in this wonderful country.

In the educational institutions of the country there are a lot of students from different countries of the world. Therefore, foreigners do not feel uncomfortable there. Locals are very friendly to foreigners.

About the author: Peter Freeman is a freelance writer. He keens on sports, design and literature. Peter likes reading popular books and playing basketball.

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Best Writing Tips


  1. Make sure that you have a dictionary at hand. If you want to jot down some brilliant ideas, we advise you carry a notebook as well. Students complaining they can’t memorize things can use this method as an ultimate way to improve their learning abilities. Though it may not be universal, it can still affect the studying process.
  2. Make sure you are surrounded by people, and start watching. It is the kind of art that is delicate yet inspirational and is perfect for students who need a fiction review. We don’t say that you have to observe people, say, 24 hours a day, but an interesting conversation and an unexpected meeting are good motivators. Relaxing music and books are on the list too.
  3. Revise the rules and install Grammarly.
  4. Reduce procrastinating. We all have a tendency to postpone the most dreadful of tasks, but writing assignment cannot be delivered late. Try to get away from the rest of the world for an hour or two and increase your productivity.
  5. Create a cozy space that will be called ‘The Writing Center’. It will inspire you when you are running out of time and help you avoid stress. This center may turn your room into a real ‘writer’s shackle’ where one is bound to create a masterpiece. Ask your friends of the study hacks they use to deliver the assignment effectively and combine the practices.
  6. Do not edit while you write. Do not let your inner voice question the quality of the paper. You can start rearranging it once you are over. A college essay writing service is another bulletproof way to secure your writing task. It can offer flexible pricing, excellent writing techniques and high-class experts with an overall experience of more than 100 essays.
  7. Buy a book of writing exercises to practice. You may purchase it online and then study the basics on your own. Exercises do not only improve your level of essay writing, but provide you with enough time to get ready for the big game. For all students who seek practice, this is by far the best option.
  8. Write, write, and write. The last, but not the least is this simple and effective recommendation. You can dedicate an hour or two to writing passages on various topics. May it become your habit (Habitica to rescue). In order to become a good writer, one should understand the concept of narration as it is. Creative writing is not a course where one can rely on university knowledge alone. You should have a sense of beauty, an aesthetical feeling that allows you to make the most of the text, and then share it with the audience. Don’t forget about the target readers as they define the feedback and make sure you’ve got enough data on your project. We do not recommend you choosing an overly complex topic. It will impede your progress and make the rest of the composition chaotic.

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Study Guide: Writing Essay Introduction

First, you have to figure out what is the main question of your essay. Your introduction is going to be the first step towards answering it. Your thesis statement is going to serve as your main argument, so pay special attention to it.

You should start your introduction with background information on the topic. Demonstrate the big picture, give some explanations of key terms and end it with a strong thesis statement. Remember that even a so-called “big picture” should be relevant and avoid broad sentences like “Human beings are capable of writing poetry.” This one will be too broad.


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EssayGoBuy.com Review

essaygobuy.comWhat is EssayGoBuy.com all about? At the first sight, it is a simple academic writing company that is aimed at helping students deal with their homework and other writing assignments.


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Writing a Paper is an Ancient Problem Now

Here is what we say. Writing a paper should not begin to give you headaches because you really do not need that in your life right now. All those hours you have to spend trying to figure out how you will write the paper without failing are really not what should be keeping you awake at night.


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Online resources available when writing a paper:

  • The toughest task when writing a paper is the amount of research required. Before the internet came into existence, the libraries used to be the only places that research would be performed. The old and dusty journal and the book would make everyone scramble for these meager The internet has changed all that. Books and journals have all been uploaded to the internet. This means that research is just a mouse click away.


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How to Write Great Essays about Everything

For students, essay writing is a good chance to demonstrate their original thinking, academic flair, and advanced writing skills. The essay allows you to showcase knowledge and understanding in a creative way, exercise research abilities and construct extraordinary arguments.


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Fast Food Essay – As Fast As the Food Itself

As obesity and fat shaming problems became extremely urgent nowadays, especially in America and the Great Britain, so did “food” topics for academic essays. Professors seem determined in their desire to prove you wrong going to Burger King or Macdonald’s.


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